KiMO BEAN Hawaiian Coffee


Kona is the most famous of our Hawaiian coffees. For more than 170 years. Big Island coffee farmers, today 650 strong, have produced a world class coffee unique in flavor and subtle in tone. The techniques are much the same as they were a century ago. Hand picking at peak ripeness and sun-drying are big factors in maintaining the subtle tones and delicate notes found in this one-of-a-kind coffee.


Our most popular coffee is 100% Kona Fancy. Well balanced with a hint of fruit and mild acidity.

Extra Fancy

The largest beans with the fewest number of defects. The best of the best. Prized for smooth buttery tones and medium body.


Less than 5% of the Kona harvest produces this rare Kona treat. It's dark roast, bold intensity and subtle smokey tones put this coffee in a class of its' own.

Premium Decaf

wiss water decaffeinated 100% Kona Coffee. All of the classic taste of Kona coffee without the caffeine.